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Shot Show Meeting Pictures

Time:2020-03-14 Views:60

Gun&Flower is a one-stop manufacturer for polymer, Kydex, leather and nylon holsters.
We attend the Shot Show, IWA, Milipol every year.
Gun&Flower founder had been a policeman for more than 10 years and created many new products with his professional experience in the police.
Our products are very advantageous in China.
1.Quality and craft: our polymer‘s thickness is 3-3.5mm, and another supplier‘s only in 2mm or so. That is it would keep harder no matter how long it used.
For the craft, gun and gun holster are well fitted. Our boss was a policeman, all holsters had been tested repeatedly, and don‘t shake especially moving violently.
2. As for the material, we only use PA66, premium US-imported material. It has better strength of trough and impact-resistant, and anti-high and low temperature very well.
3. For mold, others may use old molds, it may easy to make the size incorrect and not well the appearance. But for our molds, all are new molds.
Here are some exhibition photos we would like to share with you :)
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