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Production Craft

Production Craft

 Stitching for leather and nylon products

At the very beginning, we had tried to make products with hand-stitching craft; as our hand-crafted masters are good at hand-stitching and hand-curved craft, they will make our products perfect. Hand-stitching products are more durable and attractive than machine sewn products, furthermore, they also can be taken as collections. This is why our products have a high reputation in our country. In order to proceed mass production orders, we use Durkopp Adler stitching machine and premium nylon thread to make our products. Not only the quality of our machine sewn products are very close to hand-stitching products, but also the efficiency has dramatically proved. Hand-stitching or machine sewn products can be customized according to customers’ requirements. 

 Patent Design for Polymer Products

Each of our products are separately shaped to ensure a perfect fit with the weapons according to American traditional forming process; meanwhile, premium leather and excellent design are also very important for shaping. In addition, machines are used to help hand-shaping to improve productivity. Various gun models are available for option

 Shaping of Leather Products

With professional engineering design team, our engineers have rich experience and professional knowledge in appearance, structure and material; meanwhile they are very familiar with relative knowledge and laws and regulations about patent; furthermore, the owner and some of engineers were serviced in the army and police forces. Therefore, our engineers can design novel structure and appearance perfectly. In addition, we could make new design according to customer’s requirements on market, laws and performance of products.



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